Fall Happenings

The fall or autumn season is upon us which means Back to School, football, falling leaves, hurricanes, and holiday readiness.
first day of school
 I created small gifts for the kids' teachers and assistants. The first day I gave the teachers a Spark packet and water to get them geared up for the day!

 Today, I gave them a painted Ball jar with their favorite type of pencils (those cost more than the glass jars!).

In my small booth at a local shop, I have been joined by a friend who creates adorable hair accessories. I am working on new items for fall and the upcoming holiday season such as banners, burlap table runners, chalkboards, and what ever I dream up.

For Back to School, I have created AdvoCare baskets geared for the returning college students, teacher gifts, and the local fitness buffs.

I grew up on the coast and my parents are still there so I watch with concern with every tropical development in the Atlantic. I cross my fingers that we are spared this hurricane season.

This post is for the BBA's Monthly Challenge as suggested by Linda! Read more about the challenge here.

QUESTION: What do you look forward to during the fall season?

Reuse an Old Cabinet Door

Back in June the BBA's Monthly Challenge was on upcycling something old into something new. I forgot to post my challenge back in June but wanted to share it now. I took an old cabinet door I salvaged from ReStore and gave it a new purpose.

I sanded the door, painted it, and then painted on the vines and word love. After the door dried I distressed the door with sandpaper, attached two hooks, hung the chain on the salvaged hinges and voila! Done.

QUESTION: How often do you see old with a renewed purpose?

Attending a Business Conference

My husband and I attended a large business event this past weekend. 
At the incredible Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

With 27,000 other individuals wanting to live life on their terms by helping others reach their dreams. It was huge.

The idea was for each to Catch the Vision of our dreams and hopes for the future. For me, it is replacing a full-time teaching salary so that I do not have to go back to work full-time. It is the ability to take the kids on vacation and not worry that water bottles are $8.00 at the amusement parks, it is about me taking charge of my health, it is about me working from home, and it is about helping other women make a difference in their family's lives.

I left the event armed with information and ready to grow my business to the next level but more importantly, ready to make a difference. Over the next few weeks I will share what Emmitt Smith, Walter Bond, Erik Wahl, Michael W Smith had to say but I will also share the stories of those like us. Women that decided that they, too, wanted to work for home and are now making more than they could have ever dreamt possible.

Because when you work hard and focus on your goals anything can happen.

QUESTION: What are goals for the next year?

Why Women Need More Muscle

There is this fallacy that if a woman lifts weights she will become some muscle-bound male looking weirdo. It frightens off many women from strength training when they have weight loss and fitness goals which is unfortunate because having muscle is vital to making a gal look good.

One pound of muscle weighs the same amount as one pound of fat.

But they don't look the same, take up the same amount of space, burn calories the same, or make the skin above them look the same. Muscle rocks.

By strength training, we allow our bodies to strengthen bones, we burn more calories (hello, metabolism!), and we take up less space. This means that we get to buy clothes that are smaller in size even if we don't see the numbers on the scale change.

So, the next time you fear those dumbbells remember that you want to fight osteoporosis, look good in your shorts, and be all kinds of strong.

QUESTION: What do you to reach/maintain your fitness goals?

When Harry Sleeps

Harry Potter adopted us.

And I love him. Even if I am allergic and he sheds horribly whenever he insists on rubbing against my legs. Which my husband thinks is hilarious.

I am not sure my husband appreciated my attention to Harry Potter while we working on the front yard to replace old pavers and edging. Because instead of helping I was taking pictures of something adorable.

QUESTION: Are you this cute when you sleep?

Salad with Goat Cheese

I am all about finding my healthy self. This means eating more vegetables and finding healthier alternatives to calcium that my body can handle. I am forever thankful to the doctor which suggested goat cheese.

A salad of greens, cucumber, zucchini, shredded carrot, and red cabbage is made fantastic with a bit of freshly shredded mild goat cheddar.

The cheese is easier to digest than 'traditional' cheese from a cow and the slightly salty flavor of the one I used for this salad makes a dressing unnecessary. I squeeze a bit of lime or slightly drizzle a great olive oil over the greens and I have a great side for my meal.

QUESTION: What is your favorite kind of cheese?

When You Dream Big

When you dream big, big things can happen. You have to get past the fears, insecurities, denials, and what-ifs to transfer the dream to reality but it can happen.

Your dreams can lead you to your knees.

Your dreams can lead you to tears and heartache.

Your dreams can lead you to joy.

It is in my heart to encourage women in their faith and to take steps toward realizing that God has a plan for each of them that is not limited by our dreams, ideas, or limitations. And this morning I took a big step and told people that I wanted something done to support women that had a need. I worried for a moment that I was stepping on toes, going out of bounds, or asking the impossible.

And within an hour movement happened.

It would be easy to say that it was me and my phone call and almost relentless search for how can we do more. But I would be wrong.

I was given a dream and the desire and I obeyed. I believe that God heard these women calling out for help and he is answering.

Don't get caught up in thinking that your dream is too big or too impossible or too out of bounds. Dream and live your purpose.

QUESTION: What will you dream and take action on today?