Lose Weight

In this day and age when being overweight is more the norm than the exception, a great product and team of supporters can make all the difference in our fitness goals. James and Erika are both losing weight using AdvoCare products with greater ease and flexibility than previous attempted systems.

James has worked out at a local CrossFit gym for years and noticed an increase in stamina and tone in a short period of time while using different AdvoCare products. Since he was hired to manage a food blog for a local company he felt greater pressure to get fit. During the 24 Day Challenge, James felt confident that he would be able to reach his personal fitness goals.

The 24 Day Challenge is a popular supplement and nutrition program to give you a headstart in meeting your fitness goals. Click the image to read more about it.

What have got to lose? No matter what plan you use to meet your fitness goals, get started today and connect with us on The Squeaky Life facebook page.

Disclaimer: James and Erika did not create the AdvoCare products; a team of scientists, researchers, and doctors are responsible for their creation. James and Erika do share their experience with AdvoCare and their experiences may differ from yours.