About Us

renewing our vows after five years
We are a family of four that are at times hard-working, hard-reading, hard-relaxing, hard-creating, and hard-dreaming. James and Erika manage The Squeaky Life while managing a food blog for a local company, distributorship for AdvoCare, two etsy shops, two booths in a retail shop, and jobs in teaching and computer programming. Oh, and managing their family which includes two small children and a feral cat named Harry Potter that adopted them.

In 2009, after two years of complaining to the family doctor that something was wrong with her hair, bones, spirit, and stomach, the doctor felt that Erika simply needed anti-depressants. Erika pressed on and another doctor looked at the symptoms and discovered that she had a tumor in her neck. Unfortunately, the tumor was on a gland that affected her kidneys and bones which to this day still impact their lives.

Motivated by the desire to see the kids grow up, Erika and James are sharing their adventures of re-learning how to be healthy, their faith and how it impacts their lives, and how they earn money outside of James' full-time job in order for Erika to remain at home most hours and be available for the kids.

Life can be squeaky and hard and make you want to grit your teeth and then scream.

Life can also be beautiful.

Follow The Squeaky Life as we celebrate this life and dream big.