Fall Happenings

The fall or autumn season is upon us which means Back to School, football, falling leaves, hurricanes, and holiday readiness.
first day of school
 I created small gifts for the kids' teachers and assistants. The first day I gave the teachers a Spark packet and water to get them geared up for the day!

 Today, I gave them a painted Ball jar with their favorite type of pencils (those cost more than the glass jars!).

In my small booth at a local shop, I have been joined by a friend who creates adorable hair accessories. I am working on new items for fall and the upcoming holiday season such as banners, burlap table runners, chalkboards, and what ever I dream up.

For Back to School, I have created AdvoCare baskets geared for the returning college students, teacher gifts, and the local fitness buffs.

I grew up on the coast and my parents are still there so I watch with concern with every tropical development in the Atlantic. I cross my fingers that we are spared this hurricane season.

This post is for the BBA's Monthly Challenge as suggested by Linda! Read more about the challenge here.

QUESTION: What do you look forward to during the fall season?


Memories for Life said...

What great ideas for teacher gifts!
The colors of the turning leaves are my favorite part of fall :)

SarahBeth said...

I see someone who's excited about school!!
How sweet of you to make teacher gifts -- love those painted jars!

Duni said...

Your daughter looks adorable!! Those gifts are great - I love the painted jars with pencils. I keep a pencil in every drawer in case I need to sketch something.
Praying that your parents won't be affected by the hurricane!

BeadedTail said...

Your daughter is so cute on her first day of school! The jars are a wonderful gift for the teachers!

Splendid Little Stars said...

lucky teachers!
Your daughter looks so cute!
Summer is my favorite, so there's a bit of sadness about Fall for me. I do love the changing of the seasons, though. I love the beautiful colors of autumn leaves.

Natashalh said...

Oh, yeah - it's hurricane season! All the worst storms seem to hit in September.

Those jars and pencils are so cute! I can believe the pencils cost more than the jars, themselves.

pasqueflower said...

Very cute and colorful project!

AntiquityTravelers said...

wonderful gifts for back to school! and what a cutie all ready to get off to class :)