Farmer's Market A Weekend Recap

Our Downtown Farmer's Market is a great place to look for veggies, fruit, breads, meats, cheese, and artisan wares. I like how I can choose things that are non/minimally processed, local, sometimes organic, and I get to talk to the growers face. to. face.

my garden does not produce anything this pretty
 Located next to the river and under trees it is a great location to meet up with family and friends.
the "entrance"
On our last visit we picked up a little of every thing including a special soap that we heard would help our son's eczema. The woman I spoke with mentioned that this one particular kind of oatmeal soap from this booth was the only thing to help her grandson and she was buying more. And since I had tried all kinds of expensive soaps, lotions, and medicines recommended by the doctor that really did not work I thought why not? (See the dog statue in the background? They make special soaps for furry friends, too).
Speaking of furry friends, there was a booth for an animal rescue organization which was celebrating its birthday. I kept wondering who MARC or TOBY or what ever the guy's name was until my hubby pointed out that it was the acronym of the agency.
Neuter your pets please!

The fruits and vegetables are always so pretty even if I have no idea what they are or how to use them.
I like how they sliced the ends.
With the Texas starting to beat us down I wonder how long I will get to see these great looking things. Hopefully the rain will keep on coming... And since we decided to work on our front yard this weekend I am questioning our intelligence (do you know how HOT it is by 9:30 in Central Texas?)

QUESTION: Do you shop at your local farmer's market? And what did you do this weekend?


Duni said...

That artichoke looks lovely! I like how and where this market is set up. It looks so pretty! Those soaps look great too...I hope this one works for your son.
We are trying to get Leo to the vet to have him neutered. Hopefully this week!

Kathleen said...

The people behind me sell at several of the local farmer's markets and do very well. They have lots of different things and have taken my other neighbor's soap sometimes. Very fun visit!

Splendid Little Stars said...

I belong to a CSA, my friends' organic farm. I've tried some new things because of this. Recently I bought a kohlrabi. It was good!
Your photos are great! What a wonderful location for a market!
Good luck with the soap.
Last weekend, husband, son, and I went to a 40th wedding anniversary party for friends. Their 4 children organized it. It was wonderful!

storybeader said...

I can imagine how hot it is! It's almost 8AM here and 78 degrees. And the AC broken! Anyway, looks like a great spot for a farmers market. Ours is at the county fairground. Saturday, someone gave me some peaches and tomatoes from there. Yum! {:-D

Judy Nolan said...

What a relaxing way to spend your time! I haven't been to our farmers market in a long time, and I don't know why--we always have a good time. I hope the oatmeal soap works for your son.