Honor Your Calling

the kids art that I then added to for this post...

We are all called to do something with our lives. For some, the call is brief and may be only the gift of a smile or kind word. For others, the call for our purpose is a heart ache that sucks the breath out of our lungs and leaves a flutter in our gut. We wake with the thoughts of our purpose and we go to sleep with the same thoughts.

What does your heart ache for?

You need to honor your calling. It is why we are here. You have a gift that has been given to you that will not look like the person next to you. Your purpose is part of you.

When you honor that call you feel the most alive.

When you honor that call others often recognize it in you and tell you so.

When you live your purpose you change your world.

QUESTION: What is your calling?

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