Body Fat and Muscle Mass Measurements in the BOD POD

Nothing can be more humiliating than standing in compression tight undies and a sports bra to be told how fat you are. James and I decided to do just that by utilizing some of the latest technology to measure our fat and muscle mass while we focus on our weight and fitness goals. We opted to use BOD POD.

Annie and Justin of CenTex BodyCheck are super friendly and very knowledgeable. Both are quick to help and provide guidance with the results. I loved how Annie used her background (getting a Ph.D in Exercise Physiology and Nutrition) to help me use the results and my health history for my eating plan. She was also GREAT at explaining the numbers of our measurements.

The BOD POD is very easy. Simply wear the garments they suggest (think bike riding shorts and the tightest sports bra or compression clothes). We were provided a tight cap to cover our hair. Our height and weight were taken and then we stepped into the BOD POD capsule.

That's it. Super simple and easy if not glamorous (which it is not).

he does not know I am including this pic!
 James and I both left with the results, a plan, and excitement (which is ironic since we were wearing compression clothes in front of a stranger). We both actually had a lot more muscle mass than anticipated (and more than the average Joe and Sally) so have less fat to lose than originally thought. Meaning, we are healthier than we imagined. And that is always good news.

We go back in several weeks to see how we have managed with our individual plans. James is able to do CrossFit and will be using AdvoCare protein shakes and vitamins with his eating plan. Since I am unable to exercise due to my spine/bone issues, I will be focusing on  meal replacement shakes, vitamins, and a healthy eating.

QUESTION: What are doing to help with your fitness and health goals?

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Eyelah said...

Thats very interesting!! I wouldn't mind knowing how much body fat I have. I've been on weight watchers for the past few weeks but I haven't noticed any changes in my body. I think I'm going to give that a rest and switch over to lots of exercising. I'm hoping to see some toning and hopefully weightloss with this change.