4 Ways to Use Your Skill to Give Back

Last year I felt a rather sharp thumping in my head and chest. I was not having a heart attack or a migraine; I was feeling the call to do more with my life in a purposeful way.

If you are anything like me then there is a chance that you aren't sure what you can do. And if you only look at what you do for a living then you will most likely find skills you can use to be a "professional giver."

1. Use your talents for a cause. If you are a writer then you can help write grant proposals for a non-profit. If you are a teacher you can help inner-city youth that are struggling. If you are a baker then consider helping with a group that feeds the home-bound elderly. If you are friendly then be a greeter at your church or at a local function.

2. Encourage your employer to get involved. My husband's company formed a partnership with a local school and allowed employees to leave to help with struggling students. They also have a division that educates farmers about new tools and management. One local business had a collection box for old coats that were then donated to a local shelter for children.

3. Mentor with your experience. We all have learned many things through our experiences and can share that information with others. Big Brothers Big Sisters and teen youth groups are just a sample of what you can do as a mentor. Once I began selling online and purchased supplies wholesale, I found myself asked on several occasions about the process. Be open to helping others.

4. Use the internet. I know several women whose vocation and calling is not in an office but online. They use social media and websites to get their message across for the benefit of a cause. One mother I met creates flyers and notices about the importance of restraints for child seats for an organization in another state--online. Now you can help and you don't even need to get dressed to do it!

None of these have to take a lot of time, energy, or money but they do utilize skills that you are already using. So why don't you use them to help others?

QUESTION: What is a skill you can use?

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Judy Nolan said...

Sometimes people have skills they use every day but don't recognize the good they can accomplish with them. In my case, I have always been a "communicator." I use that skill in multiple ways--writing and teaching--to contribute what I can to developing creativity in young people. You've heard me talk about this before: Destination Imagination. But the first step is to recognize the skill you have, and then to find a way to use it for the good of others!